Veritas Rerum is the official blog of the International Society of Scholastics (, a worldwide association for the promotion of Aristotelico-Thomistic Scholasticism. 

Scholasticism, as we employ the term, may be described as the systematic coordination of all particular orders of human knowledge through strict rational disputation from certain principles which was taken up in the medieval universities from the perennial philosophy of man, synthesized in the mind of Thomas Aquinas, and expounded by his faithful commentators, and includes the consequent cultural effects of a life lived according to such order.  Thus Scholastic Thomism is not simply a set of speculative doctrines but extends itself to all practical and moral orders.  It is a tendency toward a comprehensive grasp of the order of reality as deduced from first, self-evident principles in each order of knowing according to perennial logical canons, and of man’s moral duties resulting from such coordination.

We do not hold fast to this philosophic and Scholastic Thomism on account of reasons from authority, for “locus ab auctoritate quae fundatur super ratione humana est infirmissimus.”  Rather, we hold to this philosophic and Scholastic Thomism as devotees of truth; realizing that its tenets have been obtained by reason alone and verified by unassailable proofs from logical demonstration and empirical experimentation.

Through our online school, Sapientis, the ISS offers full semester courses in classical Scholastic Thomism and weekly 3-hour Crash Courses in a variety of political and ethical topics.  Visit for more details.

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