acquired, part. as adj.

1. received in some way after birth.

2. gained by one’s own activity.

3. obtained by effort, search, or exchange. Compare CONNATURAL; INFUSED; INNATE. USES – acquired property, rights, titles, virtues.

act, n.

1. perfection or a perfection; what is fully real, finished, or fulfilling; an actuality.

2. -thought of as influencing potency in some way. a determining principle; the intrinsic principle which confers a definite perfection on a being; hence, a form.

3. the perfection resulting from an action.

4. activity, operation, action, or second act of a power. ANT.potency.

  1. act of the imperfect, a real change; the gaining of a new act and the privation of an old form.
  2. act of the perfect,
    1. an immanent activity; living action.
    2. especially, an intentional change. 
  3. complete act, an end or an operation that is an end; the ultimate act of a being. 
  4. entitative act, existence; the act of being; esse. Compare FORMAL ACT, below. 
  5. first act,
    1. the intrinsic fundamental perfection of a being in any order.
    2. the first actuality (in a series) that determines any passive potency to be or to be something specific. Hence, the same being may have several first acts, but each in different  orders; existence will be first act in the order of being, substantial form will be first in the order of essence or nature, the power will be first in the order of activity. 
    3. first proximate act, the power considered together with all the concrete factors for action. Second act follows as the activity of the prepared power. 
    4. first remote act, the power considered in itself, apart from other requirements for action. 
  6. formal act, substantial form in an essence composed of matter and form. 
  7. incomplete act, a movement or change going on; an actualizing of a potency that has not yet reached the term of its action. 
  8. mixed act, a being or perfection which is united in some way with potency or limitation. 
  9. pure act,
    1. simple perfection (of any kind) without imperfection; mere perfection free of potency.
    2. strictest sense. unqualified perfection of existence, which is neither present in nor united with nor limited by any passive potency. 
  10. received act, a perfection of any order combined with and present in a potential subject. Unreceived act is not so combined with and present in a subject. 
  11. second act, a determination or perfection added to a being which already possesses the first act, whether of existence or of form or of a particular power; e.g., intellect and will with respect to the soul itself; acts of the will with respect to the will itself; accidents of a substance. Hence, a second act presupposes and perfects another act, and is usually an accident. 
  12. ultimate act, the last in a series of acts by which a being obtains its proper fullness of being; a complete act. REF. Met., IX, CC. 6, 8; XI, c. 9. Power, q. 1, a. 1