A, The symbol for a universal affirmative proposition.


Absolute, adj. 

  1. Chiefly metaphysical senses.
    1. self-sufficient in being and needing no other; independent of or altogether free from all external causes and conditions and external limitations and having the reason for its being and perfection entirely within itself.
    2. perfect, whole, or complete in itself.
  2. Chiefly logical and epistemological senses.
    1. considered or conceived in itself, independently of its relations; not though or as referred to something else.
    2. unqualified; unrestricted; unconditional; simple; categorical.


Uses—absolute being, justice, nature, norm, necessity, obligation, perfection, power, supposition, supremacy, or authority.


Absolutely, adj.

  1. Without condition, limit, exception, or any other qualification, relationship, or attendant circumstance.
  2. In itself alone; in its substance or nature.
  3. Abstractly or in separation from all that is not itself.


Absolutism, n.

  1. The doctrine that civil sovereignty or the civil sovereign is unrestricted in authority.
  2. The practical application of such a theory in governing.