On Monday, March 28th a new class in Material Logic begins at the Sapientis Institute, to be followed soon after by Physics. 

Material Logic is especially important in the development of scientific knowledge—it studies those relations which exist between our concepts and which must be arranged properly to reason with CERTITUDE.  We look at what common thought holds to be the most perfect kind of reasoning, then we deduce the necessary components of that reasoning; gradually we build up the requirements for the best sort of rational argument: the demonstration.  After seeing what perfect reasoning should look like, we examine the various ways it can fall short and give us probable conclusions instead of certain conclusions: dialectics.  Finally, we examine the effect of demonstration: science.  We talk about specific and accidental differences of sciences, subalternation of sciences, and general procedures common to all science.  Then, going a little beyond the domain of Logic and venturing into a metaphysical examination of how particular sciences are related, we examine the methods specific to Physics, Math, Ethics and Metaphysics.  We see, among other things, how, even though in itself giving us probability, dialectics can be combined with sense observation to give us the first principles of physical science; and we’ll see how physical science opens the door to other scientific fields. 

Head on over to the Sapientis Institute to sign up: www.SapientisInstitute.org.

And remember: sapientis est ordinare!