The International Society of Scholastics is pleased to announce that our forum for traditional scholastic disputations IS BACK ONLINE!

The disputation is a method used by the Classical Schools to untangle thought through debate. They were held at the medieval universities at certain intervals throughout the year, and they were judged by the Master and his assisting Bachelor. The Societas Scholasticorum has reinstated the use of disputations. Offline for more than a year, the program is FINALLY MAKING ANOTHER APPEARANCE!

The members who participate will be among the generational few to learn in an interactive, guided, methodical way how to create order in their concepts, judgments, and inferences. They will be taught to leave emotion at the homepage so that they may not only distinguish truth from falsity, but also proof from probability, rational discourse from poetry, and the profundity of wisdom from mere complexity. All the while, passion will calmly await logout.

By these disputations we hope to foster bonds of intellectual camaraderie. By their association, the participants in this project will develop a network of intellectual support amongst themselves, serving them in their professional and academic careers, and giving the members of the Society a unity of common rationale.
What is Scholastic Disputation?
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