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From Article II of Our Constitution

Our efforts shall be directed at seeking out and promoting various projects that will resurrect Scholasticism by our providing the intellectual resources and backing to allow others to incorporate proper reasoning into daily thought. The ISS will strive to cause in others knowledge of the highest metaphysical analysis, in order that they may carry philosophic principles into their respective fields, thus reestablishing philosophical sciences as the unifying constituent of logical artifact (i.e., perfection of purely rational knowledge).

The resurrection and universal adoption of the Scholastic synthesis will be achieved through:

1. Gathering a pool of traditional Scholastic philosophers dedicated to the same principles and ends, in order to make good through association what fails the individual.
2. Supporting various projects that embody these principles and aim towards these ends. Specifically:
a. Projects that teach Scholasticism by making it available in its classical, unadulterated form which is faithful not only to the content of Scholastic Thomism but to the structure of it as well; by means of these educational projects, the ISS will encourage others to carry the conclusions of Scholasticism into their own occupational fields and ethical conduct.
b. Projects that directly counter those false opinions destructive to Scholasticism, yet always in manners befitting our rational ideals.

Currently, we are supporting:

-the Sapientis Institute: an educational project using online conferencing technology to make classes available worldwide;
-the Lorenzelli Library: a digital library containing hundreds of out-of-print Scholastic works;
-the Moerbeke Translation Project: a translation project for the best (and never translated) Scholastic works;
-Disputatio: an online forum for debate according to the traditional Scholastic method.
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