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The International Society of Scholastics was begun in 2005 as the Societas Scholasticorum, founded by students from among the various Universities of Rome.  Though hailing from different countries and boasting different academic backgrounds, each student spoke of the same frustration with academia--a frustration which had led each to the Eternal City: disunity.

As modern science has lighted the darkest corners of the discernable universe, the lack of a complete approach adequate to synthesize all the empirical results has cloven every field of human knowledge one from the other. Now, each science is autonomous, submitting all reality to its own judgment, and admitting no conclusions outside of itself. Every science is an empire and every scientist a tyrant--there is no longer wisdom, only wise men.

As the great Italian Scholar Giovanni Maria Cornoldi wrote, “There is such a variety and contradiction in the doctrines taught (in modern science) that one cannot adhere to one system without openly denying the others. The diversity which reigns in modern schools is so general that two professors can hardly be found, even in the same college, agreeing, I will not say upon the whole field of science, but simply upon its fundamental principles. Moreover, it becomes impossible to teach the same doctrine for ten years. There is a continuous change and contradiction. From the center of the circle, which is one and indivisible, an infinite number of radii may proceed and extend in all directions. In all fields of human speculation, innumerable errors may likewise be found to diverge more and more from the one and indivisible truth.”

The goal of the ISS from its very beginning has been to reconcile the warring sciences by restoring the Aristotelico-Thomistic system of investigation: the one and only method that can ultimately deal with particular sciences and arts, making sense of their connections and ordering their objects.  This common rational method is analogically applied to any and every human discipline.  We call it Connatural Method; it is nothing more than the strict and systematic observance of the intellect's natural mode of investigating and learning--a common-sensical, perennial approach transcending all cultural boundaries and under-development for nearly 25 centuries.
Over the last eight years, the ISS has received hundreds of members from more than thirty countries.  We are now a vast union of scholars and scientists; a union brought together by fidelity to the principles, methods, and doctrines of Scholastic investigation, in order that, by association, we may promote the Scholastic system as the highest and most universal synthesis of unaided reason—and thus, work for the reconciliation of the sciences.
Our Origin
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